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Regional state institution of social service "Cheremisinovskiy social rehabilitation center for minors" ( CMOS Cheremisinovskiy centre for minors) - a specialized institution for the minors needing social rehabilitation.Carries out measures to prevent neglect and social rehabilitation of minors who find themselves in a difficult life situation or socially dangerous situation, provides them with temporary residence (maintenance), assists in the further placement of children left without parental care.             

The institution consists of two departments: the reception Department and the Department of social rehabilitation, which are designed for 30 seats. In the conditions of continuous rehabilitation process for minors aged 3 to 18 years are provided free of charge in stationary conditions and in the established order with ensuring availability and timeliness of social services: social and domestic, social and medical, social and pedagogical, social and psychological, social and labor, social and legal, urgent social services. Pupils of the Center are on full state support.                           

In the framework of the Federal law "On the basics of social services for citizens in the Russian Federation" dated 28.12.2013 №442-FZ social services are provided by highly qualified specialists: educators, social teachers, teachers-psychologists, teacher-defectologist, music Director, labor instructors, physical education instructor, doctors: psychiatrist, narcologist, pediatrician, nurses and others.    The basis for consideration of the provision of social services is submitted in writing or electronic form the application of a citizen who has reached the age of 14 or his legal representative. 


The founder of the Center is the social security Committee of Kursk region.

Working hours of the administration of the institution:

Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 18:00                                         

Break: from 13:00 to 14:00

Day off: Saturday, Sunday

Contact phone/ Fax:8471-59-2-16-61

Address: 306440,Kursk region,settlement Cheremisinovo, Komsomolskaya street, house 9